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  Yla Eason is an accomplished marketing professional based in the Greater New York City area.  She teaches, develops and creates both relevant marketing communications and digital strategies for organizations.  She currently serves as the Acting Director for Marketing, Communications and Recruiting at Essex County College, found in Newark, New Jersey.  She had earlier taught advertising and promotions at Rutgers University's M.B.A. program and electronic commerce at CUNY's School of Professional Studies.  She also consults on marketing and communications strategies.   Yla Eason is also the founder of Olmec toys, a multiracial toy company dedicated to fighting the racial imbalance in toys and superheroes.  The company has gone on to reach over $5 million in sales, and is nationally recognized for pioneering a new market in the toy industry while also promoting racial diversity.  Her achievement earned her an honorary Ph.D. from Bloomfield College, she was awarded The Business Enterprise Trust Award from President Clinton in 1996, and her story is even used as a case study in business schools to teach multiracial marketing! After studying under Dutch-based executives, Yla Eason has become a Lego Serious Play (LSP) facilitator, promoting the philosophy that playing and building with Lego bricks can be used to foster creativityand learn how to solve problems.  Yla is also a member of TED Ed Brain Trust, Women in Technology and the American Marketing Association.  She specializes in developing digital advertising curricula for professionals. 

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Toys, Marketing, Legos, 3D Printing